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Interested in bringing a highly educational, entertainment filled program to your event or school? Looks like you came to the right place!

Earthquest's,  Birds of Prey and Parrot Programs are fun for the whole family!

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Primary Email:

Steve Hoddy [Director]

(706) 801-2862

Robert Haynes [Director of Operations]

(540)-718-4018 (Texting welcomed)

Elizabeth Rand [Parrot Director]

(540)-848-1232 (Texting Welcomed)


While Earthquest does handle non-releasable raptors, but we are not a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. For any issues concerning injured wildlife, Please call a Rehab center  


Earthquest is a sanctuary for displaced parrots, if you have a feathered friend that you can no longer care for, Contact our Parrot Director, Elizabeth. However, all parrots that come to Earthquest become permanent residents. We do not adopt birds out