I, Robert Haynes, and my wife Elizabeth first came to Earthquest in May of 2019. When we got here we had no idea how amazing and captivating these birds would be. While both of us had parrots and birds growing up, we were just amazed by the personalities and the differences between them. We instantly fell in love with each and every one of them. Very quickly we decided we needed to stay and by the fall we had officially moved in for good. 

         In addition to the birds of prey programs, Earthquest is also a forever home for displaced parrots. We currently have over twenty parrots! All of our parrots come from situations where the owners could no longer care for them or the owner passed away. We give them a home and use them for our brand-new educational parrot programWe plan to be able to take our parrots to Schools, Events, Parties, and other large gatherings, and teach the public about the pet trade, conservation of their habitat and how parrots are the #1 most re-homed animals in the world. Parrots are greatly misunderstood creatures and with proper training and sufficient time for bonding. They are incredibly fun pets! 

       Contact us to book our Educational Parrot program at your next event or gathering! 



Our parrots are all given to us after unfroturnate circumstances cause owners to no longer be able to care for them, pass away or feel they need a different home. We provide these birds with a forever home and hope to have them in our educational programs! If you or a friend/family member have a parrot in need of a new forever home please feel free to contact us!

Free Flight

Our Parrot director, Elizabeth, has a background in training and loves teaching animals to use their natural behavior in productive and educational ways. Free flight is a passion every one here at Earthquest shares. Parrots are natural born fliers and we feel that they deserve this even as our pets. There are always risks with free flight and we recommend you work with an experienced trainer. Our goal is to have a fully free flighted Parrot program in the future.