New Adventures!

Despite the pandemic and unrest around the country, Earthquest is still devoted to our cause of education. During the lockdown, we've taken the time off as an opportunity to further our goals. To do this, we've devised a plan to expand the organization to other parts of the country. We will be starting a brand new locations in Virginia, and Montana!

These changes will be challenging, but allow us to educate even more people, while continuing our programs here in the Georgia/Florida area. To get the word out, our Founder, Steve Hoddy, is currently planning a trip to West Yellowstone, Montana to provide our programs to local campgrounds. Our Educational Birds of Prey Program is perfect for campgrounds! The outdoor venue allows for incredible flyovers of our raptors, while also following CDC Social distancing guidelines. Campers will have a safe and fun experience, while learning about nature and how amazing these raptors are.

Our Educational Parrot Sanctuary will be on the move to Central Virginia. This new center features a brand new "Parrot House" in construction soon. This facility will also have a outdoor aviary attached for our feather friends to enjoy playtime outside, as well as a large area for outdoor free-flight training. In addition, our Educational Birds of Prey Program will also have a new home in Virginia.

We are so extremely excited about these new locations. It will allow Earthquest to cover even more ground and educate more people about wildlife and what we can do to help save the environment. If you'd like to help in any way, Earthquest is a non-profit 501-c3 organization, We operate on the generosity of our supporters. By donating today, you'll play a big roll in helping inspire the next generation of wildlife conservationist's.

Thank you SO much!!


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