Hybrid Peregrine Falcon

One of the biggest stars of our program is Renegade, our Gyr/Peregrine Falcon.

While he may not be a purebred Peregrine, Renegade makes up for it with his display on stage. Renegade was acquired by Earthquest when he was only 21 days old. This incredible animal has been doing birds of prey demonstrations since he was taught how to fly by our founder, Steve Hoddy. Renegade loves to dazzle his fans by flying directly over their heads at about 100 miles per hour. When a peregrine hunts, they'll climb to 1,000 feet in the air, and once they've spotted their prey, they dive straight down in a power dive called a 'Stoop' taking out the wings of their prey at speeds around 235 miles per hour. Renegade is a huge favorite with our program, and one of our favorites too.

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