Andean Condor

Storm is our 18 year old, Female Andean Condor. She's been with Earthquest most of her life, she was donated to Earthquest for Steve Hoddy, our founder's, work with the California Condors. She's quite the impresser, Storm is usually one of our biggest requests with our demonstrations. We can see why! Her wingspan is quite impressive and really creates that "WOW" factor with our program.

Andean Condors like storm can live to about 70 YEARS in captivity! She's about 20 pounds and has a wingspan of almost 11 feet. She's also quite the showoff! she loves to make a big entrance during our program, usually running out on stage and flapping her wings (scaring everyone in the front row usually)

She's a very affectionate bird and we love watching her scratch her head on everything. We look forward to doing many more programs with her

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