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Earthquest is a non-profit organization with locations in Virginia and Georgia. We provide environmental & conservation education by utilizing non-releasable birds of prey and rescued parrots to create lasting impressions on both children and adults.

About Earthquest

A fun way to learn about the environment with your whole family. by learning about our birds up close and personal, you'll gain a better appreciate for the natural world in which they live. As our human populations continue to grow and expand, the threats to wildlife expand as well. It's our duty to fight for the animals in the backyard and around the world!



Wanna Get Involved? We're always looking for enthusiastic people with a love of wildlife and the outdoors. We have many different opportunities for people to get involved. Check out our Facebook page to see when, where and how you can help conservation education around the country

Our Next Programs

Find out when we'll be in your area next and keep up with the latest news. There's never a dull moment here!

New Outdoor Flight Aviary

We are collecting donations to fund brand new attached aviary for our rescued parrots. 

Help us provide the best life possible for our feather friends!