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What We Do

Earthquest offers several different programs to educate large and small groups alike. These programs are specifically designed for all levels of bird enthusiasm. 


When you watch one of Earthquest's Educational Programs, we want to inspire curiosity and wonder in both children and adults, to create a sense of appreciate of the birds in their backyard. We try to let our passion for these beautiful creatures rub off on everyone we encounter. 

Earthquest has been providing programs across the United States for over 30 Years. If you have an event coming up or know someone that is, don't hesitate! Our schedule fills up quickly so contact us today!

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Primary Programs


Birds of Prey Program

This program is perfect for schools, and other large events. It features a wide variety of birds: Hawks, Owls, Vultures, Eagles,  in a 30-45 minute unique demonstration. We also allow additional 15 minutes for Q&A.


Parrot Program

This program is one of our most versatile programs. It works great with small or large groups and is fun for the whole family. Meet a wide variety of parrots from around the world in a 30-45 minute meet and greet.

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Secondary Programs


Walk with a Hawk

Take a short hike with us while a non-releasable hawk flies overhead and follows us through the trees! This is a really great way to get outside and enjoy nature in an exciting way for the whole family.


Owl Encounter 

Learn all about Owls and even dissect owl pellets all while one of our non-releasable owls keeps a watchful eye! This is a great option for kids who are curious about animals and enjoy hands on learning.