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What We Do

Our Educational Bird Programs are a fun, engaging way for people of all ages to learn about wildlife

Primary Programs

These presentations are great for groups from 50 people all the way to 2,000 people. Earthquest has been providing presentations of all sizes to venues all over the United States. 

These programs are highly customizable and we always work with each venue individually to ensure the very best experience for everyone. Once the plan is set, we'll handle the rest; Earthquest is a very turnkey operations, we bring our own sound system, handlers, signage, and any other necessities.

Compensation for these presentations vary, but are very affordable for any event looking for high quality educational entertainment that everyone will remember for years to come.

We rely on these presentations to care for our animals, so you know hiring Earthquest means you're supporting a good cause!

Image by Aaron Burden

Birds of Prey Program

This program is perfect for schools, and other large events. It features a wide variety of birds: Hawks, Owls, Vultures, Falcons, Eagles,  in a 30-45 minute unique demonstration. We also allow additional 15 minutes for Q&A.


Parrot Program

This program is one of our most versatile programs. It works great with small or large groups and is fun for the whole family. Meet a wide variety of parrots from around the world in a 30-45 minute meet and greet.

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Secondary Programs

These Specialty Programs are perfect for smaller groups like, School classrooms, Homeschool Groups, Private Events, Corporate Retreats, Etc

Getting an opportunity like taking a hike through the woods with a hawk with your co-workers, or taking your kids to learn about owl pellets while a real owl watches over them is something they'll never forget! 

Taking care of our native wildlife all starts at home, and nature is greatly challenged if no one cares about it! By inspiring people to engage with real wildlife, we're all doing our part in taking care of this beautiful planet.


Walk with a Hawk

Take a short hike with us while a non-releasable hawk flies overhead and follows us through the trees! This is a really great way to get outside and enjoy nature in an exciting way for the whole family.


Owl Encounter 

Learn all about Owls and even dissect owl pellets all while one of our non-releasable owls keeps a watchful eye! This is a great option for kids who are curious about animals and enjoy hands on learning.

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