Great Horned Owl


Earthquest is a non-profit organization, your donation helps us continue our mission of educating the public about wildlife and the environment. By delivering our message with non-releasable Birds of Prey, our birds will create lasting impressions and inspire the next generation of wildlife conservationists for years to come. All donations are appreciated!

Earthquest is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of others to continue our mission, your donation helps us educate others about wildlife and the environment

How you can help

Your contribution is essential!

When you donate to Earthquest,

you're helping us:

  • Supply a healthy diet to our birds​

  • Provide Vet care

  • Purchase equipment 

  • Perform maintenance

  • Purchase toys for the parrots

  • Travel to events

  • and most importantly, Educate more people about wildlife!!