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History of Earthquest

Steve Hoddy on David Letterman Show

Earthquest's Mission of Education 

Steve Hoddy with his very first falcon in high school

Earthquest was founded over 30 years ago by our Director, Steve Hoddy. 

Steve has been a falconer since high-school and felt that people around the

country should be able enjoy wildlife and especially birds of prey in the way he does. So Earthquest was created to provide education and wonder beyond the bars of a zoo. By seeing the birds exhibit natural behaviors and fly at their own will, we try to help develop an appreciation and an admirable curiosity for wild birds that will last a lifetime. 

We also aim to create lasting impressions on school age children. They are ultimately the ones that can change the course of history. The climate and animals that live in our environment need us to do our part to preserve them both.  If we can show the children how some of the most misunderstood wild animals are necessary to the ecosystem and interesting to learn about, then we can change the world!

So get outside, enjoy the birds!

History of Earthquest

Being founded by Steve back in the early  90's, Earthquest has picked up quite a lot of fun stories and experiences over the years.

So this page has been created to share those memories with the world. If you've been involved with Earthquest at any point of our history we'd love to hear your story of the birds! Please contact us today!

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